Holy Cross has connections!

Please visit some of the websites

of our friends and conspirators.

The Church of England website is packed with news as well as information: planning a wedding, sourcing good prayers, finding out where to worship all over England.

We belong in the Church of England Diocese of Durham, which has as its mother church "the best cathedral on the planet" in the view of some!

Children's Society. The child welfare agency of the Church of England and the Church in Wales, for many years working in adoption, it now has many more of its people working with vulneralbe teenagers in our cities.


The World Development and Emergency Relief agency of the major protestant churches of the British Isles. Its secret is the close partnerships with local people and movements in the poorest countries of the world.


The energy and passion of the 24-7 Prayer network has infected us! Most years we like to do a full "24-7" - a whole week of continuous prayer night and day achieved through unbroken presence in a Prayer Room imaginatively prepared where creativity and focus becomes tangible and transformative. Watch out also for our 24 hours of prayer from time to time.