A Church of England Community,

a 13th Century House of Prayer



Each Sunday 8am,

each Sunday 10am main service with young church,

each Thursday at 10am.

First Sunday each month 4.30pm The Ark for young families.

Second Sunday each month 6pm Evensong.


TOM JAMIESON the Rector is retired, offering 3.5 days per week

'House for Duty'.


For The Friends of Holy Cross Ryton, click on THE FRIENDS

Coming up -


a six session course on the Beatitudes.

Groups meeting Mondays 3pm, Weds 1.30pm, Weds 7.45pm.

Speak to the Rector on 0191 413 4592 for details.



While you may choose to do this anytime through the snowdrop season - we do have many thousands of them - on Saturday 24 February, 10.30am to 1.30pm, there will be a number of people wandering around the flowers and taking the opportunity of lovely baking and good hot drinks in the church available throughout that time. Do come and make a little outing of it! Please note that some of the paths in the churchyard are steep, can be muddy, and please consider whether or no you are able, and properly shod, to walk around safely.



Weekly, beginning on Tuesday 20th March and then on every Tuesday until the end of October, the church will be open as a quiet and sacred space. From 7am until 11am. Ambient music in the background. Explanatory leaflet to help you. Icon and votive candles. 'Hands on' spiritual exploration corner. Array of lovely spiritual books of the 'stay with one page' sort for those who would like inspirational reflections or prayers. Self-serve hot and cold drinks and fresh baking suited to breakfast and elevenses. Come and have some stillness. Do a little exploration of your inner journey. Pray if you wish. There will always be a church member there as host, but that means no more that a smile. You will be left to do your own thing in peace. This is OASIS. It's for anyone who lives or works or passes through Ryton, entirely regardless of religious conviction or otherwise. OASIS.


Recently -

Fathers' Day celebration on 18 June concluded with a BBQ for all served in the churchyard. Here are some of the dads and dudes who got the sausages sizzling. Altogether memorable!

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