Iona Worship


Fourth Sunday of each month, 8.00pm. A forty minute evening reflection using prayers and songs in the Celtic tradition, largely from the Iona Community. Afterwards, hot chocolate. Open to everyone, we do this especially for people with busy lives, and for parents of younger children who value the chance to be at worship occasionally when the little ones are in bed. A calm, deep down time.



Sunday 27 January,



backcloth picture,

stream finds the Atlantic


Island of Barra,

Outer Hebrides

From the Iona Liturgy we used:


'Here in the company

of the neighbour whom we know

and the stanger in our midst,

and the self from whom we turn,

we ask to love as Jesus loved.

Make this the place and time, good Lord,

when heaven and earth merge into one ...


From some of the people who attended:


I consider myself quite a spiritual person but being a very busy working mum and part time student, I am rarely granted the opportunity to truly spend quiet reflection time of any quality speaking with God and Jesus, instead seeming to only be afforded a quick few minutes at the end of each hectic day to 'clock in'. To this end, the Iona Worship gave me the opportunity to deeply connect with God and with my faith on a very personal level.  Becky Mordue.


Although new to me, I quite liked 'Iona Worship', especially the quiet and the contemplation.   Val Murray


Very relaxed atmosphere, background music lovely and restful, handling the pebbles and stones gave us something to 'fiddle' with, but was also a way of containing thoughts. Singing familiar Iona songs enhanced the mood of the evening.  Listening to others was comfortable too, and really helped to tune in to others' prayers and perceptions of Jesus. I loved the lights, and the image of the shore at Barra was lovely. Enjoyable and peaceful, but also some deep thoughts to connect to, and mull over afterwards.  Socialising over the hot chocolate was a really important; a bonding feeling as well.    Jenny Roberts


Must tell you how much I have been thinking about the Iona Worship service, it restored the feeling of Holy Cross being my safe, peaceful and prayerful place. Thank you for that. Jen Walker.