WEEKLY NOTES is published in hard copy every Saturday and is sent by email to many. Here is PART of the current Weekly Notes:



The Rector is off duty Monday to Friday of this week.


Tuesday           OASIS continues, anytime 7am – 11am

Wednesday     10am Funeral Service for Audrey McDonough

6.30pm Bellringing Practice

Thursday         10am Holy Communion

                        10.45 – 12.15 Kitchen Table Day in church in aid of Maggie’s Centre, Freeman Hospital. Do invite friends for some good company and lovely refreshments for a very good cause.

                        CHURCH OPEN TO VISITORS 10.30-4.30

                        Thursdays weekly through April, May, June.


Prayer Conference at St George’s Gateshead, sponsored by the Diocese,

9.30am to 4pm. Presentations, groups, creative work, - prayer.

Glynis Thompson has signed up and would love one or three from Holy Cross to join her, so do have a word with Glynis about it and see if this is for you.


Next Sunday, Fifth Sunday of Easter

8am Holy Communion

10am Parish Communion and Young Church.



24-7 Prayer at Holy Trinity Swalwell: May 14-20

Opening 9am on the Monday with an hour of shared prayer and praise, members of deanery churches are warmly invited to ‘sign up’ for any hours following that through Monday to Saturday. Please do so through Tom. Likewise speak with him about any night praying you would like to sign up for.



Floral Decoration of the Church: the Calendar

We now have a folder in church for all offers, please, to gift the flowers for a particular Sunday, and – if you are willing to have a go – to make the floral arrangements for that Sunday too. We have several offers already written in to the Calendar, right around to Mothering Sunday next year! But of course at this stage most of the Sundays are yet to be covered. Please do consider whether you would like to mark some anniversary or memorial in this way, and consider whether you wish to make a gift for flowers to be arranged by the Core Team or others, or – go on! – you may be willing to have a go at floral decoration in church. Simple is good!