Meet some of the key players at Holy Cross


I'm Tom Jamieson and I lead Holy Cross Church as Rector. My lovely wife is Lyn. We've been in Ryton 19 years. My passions include adventure cycling, ringing bells, and with Lyn growing fruit and vegetables and heading off to France. In ministry I like to keep grounded in the local community, and to affirm our volunteers and develop their confidence. I seek to speak of and live the Jesus way, and to develop prayerfulness in myself and all our members.




I'm Glynis Thompson and I'm one of the Churchwardens of Holy Cross. I grew up in Blaydon and feel rooted in this community and delight in so much about the North East. My career in nursing has made me a team player and I delight in being a part of several teams in our church life. I love to sing, and membership of our choir and music group is important to me. Hospitality is a key element with Holy Cross and my baking and catering skills are called upon, not least when we do 24-7 Prayer with, of course, Coffee Shop.



I'm Joan Shield and I'm one of the Churchwardens of Holy Cross. John's my husband. Having retired from work in hospital management, I'm enjoying 'giving something back' to the mission of the church and the life of this community. It's a way of being grateful, not least for my parents whose faith and kindness will always be such an inspiration to me. I keep a watch on the administration side of church life, I share in the leadership of our midweek study series, and convene the users' forum for our Church Hall.