Picture Gallery : our story

There's a lot about a church's story which can be told in pics! So here's our photo story, the latest at the top. Enjoy.


The Icon of our Patron Saint, Hilda, Abbess of Whitby,

painted by Ioné Rippeth

and presented to the Church on 21 July 2013.



Easter 2013


empty tomb

and garden

in wood


as knarled

as the cross

and within,
last year's
children's club
to delight in

Lovely Bekih, radiant with her new husband Michael, good friends their companions. A great priviledge for Tom to conduct their wedding. He's looking a tad too serious presenting the marriage certificate.




Good Friday 2013


The heart of the cross:

Hurts and hopes

prayed into stones,


taken to Jesus.





or rather,








16 more?




Iona Worship,

Sunday 27th Jan, 8pm.


Celtic Expressions music,

subtle lighting,

words and song

to calm and to call.


Hot Chocolate afterwards.

Just right.

June was able to join the choir again for the Festival of Carols. Lovely to have her onboard again! Photo by her good friend Michael who brought her to church that day. See the stars on the tree? Every one bearing the name of someone dear to a church member, and all prayed for through our Christmas services.

December 2012

The Posada


The final hosts for our journeying

Mary, Joseph and their friends, after overnight stops in several houses around Ryton, was with the Family Knaggs, where they all had tea ...

Thursday Feast! We have coffee in the Hall after Communion every Thursday, but on 20th December 2012 it was festive fare. It seems we do parties! For this one, our thanks to the Family Knaggs.

 ... and happy birthday, Christine ...


Our Festival of Nativity Cribs, December 2012. Here's the one made by families of 'The Ark'. Gorgeous or what!


Our Key Stage 3 group decided on a Mister Men crib; they moulded and painted clay. Delightful.


Our Young Church Group painted themselves as the wise children bringing their gifts; lovely idea! while our Big Story after school clubs prepared the 'stained glass window' nativity scene here:


Well done all!

Mavis Morgan, churchwarden of St Barnabas Rowlands Gill, created this and other stunning hangings we borrowed for the Nativity Festival. Thank you Mavis! A detail of this hanging, back-lit, is the image through December and January in the right hand column here.

24-7 Prayer at the Rectory, October 2012. 

Here it's 'Join the praise of the Angels'



Tom Jamieson joined some guys from St Barnabas Church, Rowlands Gill for their C2C adventure over three days. Here they're happy after the second of the five big climbs of the route.

Children's Club, Good Friday 2012. What focus as Daniel designs his biscuit!


Bea shows

her artwork,


then she

and Lola







with new life:

This collage by

all the children

adorned the

pulpit for

Easter Day


Happy day! Laura Tate and Duncan Simpson, married 8th October 2011.

















Garden of plants mentioned in the Bible, set by Diana Fursdon next to the entrance porch. Not exactly the climate of the Middle East, but they've flourished in this sheltered spot.


Atlantic Fringe. Tom Jamieson took an adventure retreat, with his bicycle and tent, the length of the Outer Hebrides. It was May/June 2011. This beach at Horgabost, Isle of Harris, was his favourite campsite. The island of Taransay, of BBC's 'Castaway' fame, on the horison.





The Bible Journey: in April 2011 we played our part in the whole of the King James Bible being read around the parishes of the Diocese of Durham. Staff and students from the Comprehensive School joined us in our part.



















It was hard work, honest! Everyone deserves a tea break! From the front left: Jen, Maureen, Margaret, Maureen, Beryl.

















Flower Festival September 2010, and one of the evening concerts. A fabulous weekend of beauty, colour, sound, and people together enjoying a spectacle.


Beating the Bounds! On a Sunday in August 2010 a good crowd of us walked the Parish Boundary, with picnic lunch on The Willows and welcome tea and feet-up at the Rugby Club.