Tom Jamieson the Rector spent March away, exploring expressions of the 24-7 Prayer movement. Here's the back yard of the Staines 'Boiler Room' with guys doing the gap year - 'transit'; Northern Irish, American, English. The guy in light grey baked a chocolate cake which was seriously to burgle for!
















Staines Boiler Room

graffitti, in the corridor

between pool room and

Prayer Room.

Cool or what?

While away he joined the London march in celebration of 200 years abolition of slavery, which was at the same time an awareness raiser about slavery in new forms in our own times, existing in many countries including our own. He met Helen Thorp and a group from St John's College, Durham. Next pic, Whitehall.


















but not as you know it. This one is the Parish Church in Binstead, Isle of Wight, where Tom Jamieson belonged during his teenage years. In fact, he was sat on that bench with Clifford Targett the then Vicar when he said, "I think I have to offer myself for training for the priesthood."
















From the Methodist Church to the Park, Ryton Towers Residential Home, the Village Green, and on to Holy Cross: Churches Together in Ryton on Good Friday morning.
















"Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble; were you there when they crucified my Lord?"



Our first

Easter Garden

created in

the churchyard,

with the help

of children

on the

Good Friday














Paschal Candle

standing tall

in the


symbol of

the Risen Christ

among his



below, the

children's club


Deanery Outing to Gibside

Picnic Lunch









Lyn's hat













Striding out:




Keith the

Area Dean],


Melting fast!

Tracy Reynolds presides at the Eucharist after her ordination as priest

Framed watercolour of the Village Green by George McLaughlan; a fine gift in gratitude to Tracy for her first year among us and to mark her ordination as priest. Pics follow of the Parish Buffet Lunch in the Hall after this Parish Communion at which she presided.

Abseil at the Summer Fair

The Clock Face seems bigger when you see a six foot guy emerging from the belfry! Bit of an awkward start, but with an expert inside you just do as you're told.

Best to bounce down off the stonework rather than the glazing!

Oops there's usually a ladder here when I do roof work!

Nearly through a window again!



















Terra Firma and

compliments from




balloon release;

one reached

into Scotland.

Ryton's first 24-7 Prayer





Hospitality for all visitors was a key to this week being so very special. Glynis worked morning, noon and night for us all, and became the friendly face for many students from the Comprehensive School who ventured in, not sure what to make of this 'Prayer Room' thing.












One of the seven nights of prayer was a youth vigil led by Karen Kelly. Here's sign-in time for a formative experience for many.

In the Prayer Room, 'sky' on which to post your thanksgiving, written on a cloud; by the end of the week there was precious little blue left showing, lots and lots of really moving expressions of gratitude and praise to God.









Shared prayer and praise for the last of the 168 hours of continuous prayer night and day. So enriching for each and for all.

A fortnight after the event, it was clear we needed to offer a de-brief for the students who had participated. Some thirty attended and in small groups made their response; here's one of them.

In a 24 hour Prayer Room later that year, we did 'greetings to God'; every hand-crafted card a precious message.

Craft Fair 2007

Weeks of skilled work and then a fine display.

Views of the Village

to send as a gift.

And, of course,

lots of yummy!

See the confidence?

'Try before you buy'.