The Big Story - school clubs with 'godly play'

The Story Circle and "I wonder" at The Big Story in our first year, 2006.

Crookhill Primary School.









Children love to tell the stories again. Here three girls are telling the parable of the mustard seed to the headteacher. "The shrub grew and grew until it was like a little tree, and the birds of the air came and made their nests in its branches."

"Godly Play - an imaginative method for presenting scripture stories to children" was developed in the United States by an Episcopal priest, Jerome Berryman. While making full use of Berryman's method and stories, we have developed a large number of our own stories and story kits, inspired by Godly Play. We stay with the well tested programme for each session:

  • Welcome over squash and a biscuit
  • Story Circle, settling, and the story told and set out
  • The Wonderings: questions to prompt imaginative response to the story
  • Activity time: usually a choice of craft options which take the theme further
  • The Feast, with grace around the circle first
  • Good bye and go well!



Six church members trained as Godly Play storytellers back in 2006, and since then several more have gleaned the principles from working alongside those six. Here are three of the original team, from the left: Hazel James, Carol Campbell-Graham, Tom Jamieson. Can you tell they love The Big Story?